Curating connection with the self and nature.

Sound As Color

Branding, Website Design, Press Kit, Digital Marketing, Package Design

Step into Sound as Color’s world of naturally dyed mindfulness goods and immersive sound meditations.

Sound as Color fuses self-care with mindfulness and Mother Nature. Their handcrafted products, are a testament to nature's beauty derived from natural dyes and are sustainably made. Our partnership began with the beginning of their brand and evolved into an ongoing creative journey.


Intention-Driven Branding

The essence of Sound as Color lies in the founder's multi-faceted talents: from fashion expertise, Reiki sound healing to an unwavering commitment to sustainability and mindfulness. Our branding sessions were collaborative, infusing every detail with purpose. The outcome? A logo light on ink, sustainable in form, and resonating with the harmonious waves of sound.

More than a Logo: Brand Guidelines

A brand’s tone extends beyond its logo. We created guidelines that light up the nuances – typography, photography style, packaging ethos, and more. This foundation ensures Sound as Color’s creative remains consistent, enhancing owner autonomy and operational efficiency.

Kind words from clients:


"The way Lauren was able to think about my business made my vision come to life in ways I didn’t know were possible."

Lauren Jones Paul, Founder, Sound as Color

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